SURGE Film Festival Interview with Award Winning Director and Screenwriter Rio Collier

Award Winning Director Rio Collier is interviewed by Sara. Rio's film screened at the Historic Academy Theater during the Fifth Annual International S.U.R.G.E.! Film Festival. The name of her film is "Armed with Art: A New Revolution is
Necessary - "Armad@s Con Arte. Una Nueva Revolucion es Nescesaria." It was screened En Español with English subtitles.

As Rio described it, ""Armed with Art: A new revolution is necessary" crisscrosses Mexico in a conversation with muralists, printmakers, musicians, and philosophers, exploring the dynamic relationship between art and
social transformation. The role of art spans from the perseverance of
marginalized cultural traditions within the forces of globalization,
to the communication of the voices of the people against state
corruption. Exploding into a resurgence of vibrant visual resistance
in Mexico, artistic practices have a stronghold on social critique in
the public sphere. Creative expression is changing the face of
revolution in Mexico. If another world is possible, a new revolution
is necessary.

This film is part of the Art and Resistance film series from the B
Media Collective about artists who use their creativity to promote
mutual aid, solidarity and self determination.

B Media Collective is a Portland based video art collective that
stands in solidarity with local and global people's movements through
the socialization, documentation, creation, and exchange of media
between communities in the global north and south. Founded in 2004 as
a working of the Portland Central America Solidarity Committee, and
inspired by the democratic media movement integral to the
revolutionary process in Venezuela, B Media began as a media exchange
to distribute independent media in solidarity with people's movements
throughout the Americas. Today B Media is not only interested in the
exchange and socialization of media, but in the active creation and
documentation of people's movements in our midst, with the explicit
goal of cross-border collective to collective solidarity.

"Brought to you by:
The Annual International Social Uprising Resistance and Grassroots Encouragement (SURGE) Film Festival

the Annual International A World Beyond Capitalism Conference Organizers

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