Dreams Deferred: The Struggle for Peace and Justice in Israel and Palestine

Dreams Deferred: The Struggle for Peace and Justice in Israel and Palestine

Shot on a budget under $7,000 and using only on-location lighting, a husband and wife team of first-time filmmakers traveled to Israel and the West Bank to document the nonviolent Israeli and Palestinian peace and justice movement that has received little coverage in mainstream U.S. media. While most American audiences associate the conflict only with war and terrorism, this documentary highlights the voices, opinions, and actions of the growing number of Israelis and Palestinians who are struggling to nonviolently end the Israeli occupation and achieve a just resolution to the conflict. In addition to sit-down interviews, the filmmakers accompany Israeli activists to a demonstration against the separation barrier in Bil’in, take a tour of Hebron with a Palestinian human rights activist, document their experience during an extended military curfew in Jayyous, and follow Israeli activists around settlements and new construction in East Jerusalem. Rather than focusing on one or two personal stories, audiences will be introduced to several Israelis and Palestinians who each have their own unique experiences and opinions about the situation, including former Israeli soldiers and refusers, as well as former Palestinian militants, and a range of nonviolence activists. Interviewees express their thoughts about the conflict, including the obstacles to peace, their reasons for becoming activists, the role of the U.S., the importance of nonviolence, and prospects for a future resolution that recognizes the rights of both peoples. Interviews and first-hand tours reveal perspectives and realities that defy stereotypes and humanize people on both sides.

Produced, Directed, Edited, and Filmed by Jennifer Hitchcock and Vernon Hall

Website: www.supportisraelfreepalestine.org
Vimeo Site: https://vimeo.com/jenniferhitchcock/videos/sort:plays/format:thumbnail
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/DreamsDeferredDoc

INSPIRED: The Voices Against Prop 8 (Official Trailer)

On November 4, 2008 the voters of California passed Proposition 8 revoking marriage rights for same sex couples. The next day in Los Angeles a movement was born.

Chronicling several people's lives in the wake of the passage of Prop 8, we meet several people from all walks of life, inspired to action in ways they never dreamed, to a conclusion they never expected. Experience the passionate rallies and defiant marches of the new gay rights movement as it swept through Los Angeles and ignited the world beyond. Intimate interviews reveal all the ways the movement comes together, and the subtle and not-so-subtle ways it can be pulled apart from within. Shot in early 2009, our cast is anxiously waiting for the California Supreme Court to rule on the constitutionality of Prop 8, and preparing for "Day of Decision." INSPIRED: THE VOICES AGAINST PROP 8 goes behind the headlines and propaganda to explore the real people who make up a movement.

You will be INSPIRED.

Directed by Charles Gage.  Produced by Ian Jude McIntosh & Charles Gage

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