Giving Time to Time

(original title : Donner du Temps au Temps)
What is time?
In a dream world, how long would life last?
What if you had a time machine?

A 52-minute French documentary about an exploration of time through 15 questions and images.

15 questions attempted to be answered by a shepherd, 6-year-old twins, a 95 year-old man, a martial arts master, a nano-physicist, a novelist, a neurologist, two teens, an archaeological objects restorer, a mother of four, a fireman, a journalist, a midwife, a writer, a singer, a corporate executive and a personal coach.

They answer questions that come up throughout a Man's life by entrusting us with their experience of time passing: their memories, their dreams, their fears, their regrets, their desires.
With novelist Nancy Huston, nanophysicist Harry Bernas, Professor Jean Cambier, singer Sophia Nelson, …

By Masha Schmidt and Sebastien Brochot, directed by Sebastien Brochot, 1st assistant Polina Skoch.

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