Mayan Renaissance

First 8 minutes

“Mayan Renaissance” is a feature length documentary which documents the glory of the ancient Maya civilization, the Spanish conquest in 1519, five hundred years of oppression, and the courageous fight of the Maya to reclaim their voice and determine their own future, in Guatemala and throughout Central America. This elegant, beautiful, and thought provoking film will share their vision for the future, their call for a long-foretold renaissance of Maya culture and wisdom, and their 100 year plan to lead humanity forward, from the year 2012 on.
The film stars 1992 Nobel Peace Laureate and Maya leader Rigoberta Menchu Tum. All of the images, voices, expert commentary and music in the film come directly from Central America, from the heart of the Mayan world.
We finished principal photography for this film in September of 2011, began post-production in October of 2011, and completed post-production in May of 2012. Mayan Renaissance was screened May 16, 2012 at the United Nations in New York City, at the U.N.’s “World Forum on Indigenous Issues.” and was awarded Best Colorado Filmmaker Documentary Award at The Film Festival of Colorado in July of 2012.
This film will be featured on PBS, online, on DVD, and it will also become a permanent part of the PeaceJam Curriculum for students in educational settings worldwide. The PeaceJam Foundation is an international education foundation, led by thirteen inspiring Nobel Peace Prize winners. “Mayan Renaissance” is the first of ten films which will be produced by PeaceJam over the next decade — the Nobel Legacy Film Series, ten films to provide a creative vision from these inspiring Nobel Peace Laureates, for creating a better world.

"Game Over" Interview with South African actress Sarah Kozlowski

1) Game Over is the first movie about pickup artists. How do you feel about the topic?
I have heard about pick up artists that incorporate lying and seducing woman in order to financially gain from them. This story highlights an ever more dangerous type, the ones that do it in order to satisfy various addictions to power and sex. The emotional damage some woman have suffered by these men is just as dangerous as physical abuse.

2) Do you think people can relate to the movie?
Absolutely, there are so many degrees of manipulation that any girl or woman would be able to relate to this story, even if their story was not as severe as Gloria's in the film. It also applies to men suffering from betrayal at the hands of woman!

3) How would you describe the atmosphere on set?
Everyone was so happy to be there. It was very inspiring to watch the attention to detail that the creators had paid to every element of the making of this movie! It is also hilarious watching dancers rehearse for the 100th time to get a routine just right!

4) Is this your first musical film? What makes it special in comparison to other dance movies or musical films?
Most other musicals focus mainly on the entertainment element and lack in the story and message department! This film has it all.

Expendable: A Political Sacrifice

This documentary film demonstrates what happens when an individual's human rights conflict with strategic political need.

It is a unique production. Every abuse, every comment, every sentence, is proven via the publication of government cables and materials made available for public scrutiny on the Expendable.TV website.

The trailer can be viewed directly below. The full film can be viewed further down this page.

Expendable is the fruit of four years of intensive research through a team spanning four continents, many man years of analysis, scrutiny of countless thousands of government documents (some of them classified) and the use of hundreds of verified sources.



To this day, Schapelle Corby remains incarcerated in Keroboken prison, Indonesia. She remains diagnosed as mentally ill and is sustained by strong psychotic medication. She survived an overdose last year, and is now in her ninth year of incarceration.

This film is commended to you, as a true political horror story, which is still unfolding today.