"Game Over" Interview with South African actress Sarah Kozlowski

1) Game Over is the first movie about pickup artists. How do you feel about the topic?
I have heard about pick up artists that incorporate lying and seducing woman in order to financially gain from them. This story highlights an ever more dangerous type, the ones that do it in order to satisfy various addictions to power and sex. The emotional damage some woman have suffered by these men is just as dangerous as physical abuse.

2) Do you think people can relate to the movie?
Absolutely, there are so many degrees of manipulation that any girl or woman would be able to relate to this story, even if their story was not as severe as Gloria's in the film. It also applies to men suffering from betrayal at the hands of woman!

3) How would you describe the atmosphere on set?
Everyone was so happy to be there. It was very inspiring to watch the attention to detail that the creators had paid to every element of the making of this movie! It is also hilarious watching dancers rehearse for the 100th time to get a routine just right!

4) Is this your first musical film? What makes it special in comparison to other dance movies or musical films?
Most other musicals focus mainly on the entertainment element and lack in the story and message department! This film has it all.