Expendable: A Political Sacrifice

This documentary film demonstrates what happens when an individual's human rights conflict with strategic political need.

It is a unique production. Every abuse, every comment, every sentence, is proven via the publication of government cables and materials made available for public scrutiny on the Expendable.TV website.

The trailer can be viewed directly below. The full film can be viewed further down this page.

Expendable is the fruit of four years of intensive research through a team spanning four continents, many man years of analysis, scrutiny of countless thousands of government documents (some of them classified) and the use of hundreds of verified sources.



To this day, Schapelle Corby remains incarcerated in Keroboken prison, Indonesia. She remains diagnosed as mentally ill and is sustained by strong psychotic medication. She survived an overdose last year, and is now in her ninth year of incarceration.

This film is commended to you, as a true political horror story, which is still unfolding today.