SURGE Film Festival Interview with Kundalini Screenwriters and Director Nitin Adsul

Nitin Adsul is interviewed by Sara. Nitin's film screened during the Fifth Annual International S.U.R.G.E.! Film Festival. The name of his film is "Kundalini." Nitin traveled from Washington DC to attend the SURGE Fim Festival which takes place in Portland, Oregon; Austin, Texas; Urbana, Illinois and more cities each year.

The SURGE Film Festival would like to give special thanks to our amazing volunteer videographer, Will, who provided and used his own professional video equipment to film this interview. In addition he very, very quickly took care of the video editing within a couple days after the interview was filmed. SURGE would also like to thank Sara and all the other many participants who helped to make this interview possible. SURGE welcomes volunteers from all over the world on a year round basis who want to help with interviews, graphic design and all the many aspects of organizing that make this film festival with free of charge admission and free snacks possible each and every year in several cities throughout the world.

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