(Corporate) Synergy?

SYNERGY is an award-winning dark comedy where the regional sales manager Amelia Lockheart expects a big promotion, after working hard in the merger of the company. She disputes the position with her coworker, Constantine Matters. The competition intensifies when they get stuck with a stranger in a conference room, causing an unexpected outcome.

Wait, wait... Isn’t the competition antithetical to the whole concept of synergy? And in a broader perspective: is it possible to have synergy between the aspirations of an individual and the goals of a corporation? Watch SYNERGY and find out!   ;)

2011 Merit Award at the Awareness Film & Arts Festival (Hollywood) • www.synergy-theshortfilm.com • Produced by GABBY EGITO • Director of Photography ANDREW KURCHINSKI • Edited by GABBY EGITO • Original Music by LEO PEREZ • Written & Directed by GABBY EGITO • Produced at NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY - Los Angeles.