In the summer of 2010, world leaders and activists from around the world gathered for the G20 Summit in Toronto, Canada.

What nobody knew was that the police had petitioned the government of Ontario to amend an old war measures act from 1939 which gave the police sweeping powers to arrest people within five meters of the security fence. Even after this rule was officially corrected, the police still used their new powers to arrested people miles away from the fence. The entire city was framed in a legal landscape which was tantamount to martial law.

After several police cruisers were burned on the city streets under suspicious conditions, the police and security forces, over 19,000 strong, used this as a pretext to start arresting massive amounts of people throughout the city of Toronto.

Universities were raided, protesters were ambushed by large numbers of police, and hundreds of peaceful people throughout the city were 'kettled' and arrested in record numbers.

The circumstances in which the police cars were allowed to be destroyed and burned by a small number of destructive protesters raises questions about the security of our democracy in Canada.

Over 1100 people were arrested in total and held in a de facto concentration camp. This was the largest mass arrest in Canadian history and by far the worst violation of civil rights.

The whole world is watching.

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