SURGE FILM FESTIVAL in SANTA FE, NM August 2nd, 2012! Please Forward. Six cities Strong and Growing! Everything is Free!

Dear friends,

Good News!

Many awesome films will screen at on August 2nd, 2012! Please forward this and share with others!

Admission is still free! The way everything in the world should be! As you can see here, this is our record breaking sixth city this year! Seventh different city in two years!

Get in touch with us if you want to host the SURGE Film Festival! If you want to know what SURGE is about, this music video intro explains it best.

This is yet another achievement of love, people united and a desire for a better world made real!

Thanks for all you do everyone!
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August 2, 2012.(detailed schedule here, click here and add to over 300 types of social media or email to share!
The Screen Theater, 1600 St.Michael's Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505 .
Access: Free of charge.
Wheelchair access

Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Date: August 2, 2012
Time: 12noon until it ends
Location: The Screen Theater, 1600 St.Michael's Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505
Access: Wheelchair access
Admission: Free of Charge

S.U.R.G.E. films screen in six cities nationwide; Santa Fe will be the sixth this year! Three of the directors will be there for Q&A; Director Dutch Merrick of 'One Minute', Director Patrick Shannahan of 'Soleil' and Director Bradd Hopkins with Producer Valerie Moore of 'Debt to Society.' It’s a drop in and see what you want to see kind of thing, and it’s FREE – FREE – FREE.


S.U.R.G.E. (Social Uprising Resistance and Grassroots Encouragement) is dedicated to international and unparalleled outreach in order to promote creating a better world through Film, Scripts, Stageplays, Teleplays, Music Videos, Multimedia, Visual Arts and Music. Our mission is to strengthen the voice of people on the quest for a better world - while encouraging everyone to continue working for a better world!

SURGE is the first international film festival which is not only an annual film, script, music video and multimedia festival but it is also a film festival network which enables people worldwide to bring the festival into their area of the world through the SURGE film festival network! Now in our seventh year our film festival promises to be more amazing than ever!

See Information
Reveals how globalization is accelerating climate change, destroying jobs, and fraying the fabric of our communities. With stunning footage and thought-provoking commentary from thinkers and activists on every continent, this film shows that a better world is still within our reach. 65 minutes.

. See Trailer and other information below schedule on site.
A delightful educational animation from the American University of Rome targeted at changing diets and the implications of carnivorous behavior in the current age. 6 minutes.

LEFT BY THE SHIP – 1:30 pm
. See Trailer
Amerasians—the children of Filipino sex workers and American servicemen in Subic Bay—are grown up now. Never recognized by the U.S. Government, they struggle with discrimination, family problems, and identity issues trying to overcome a past not of their own making. 80 minutes.

PROJECT HAPPINESS – 3:00 pm See Trailer,
What do George Lucas, Richard Gere, and the Dalai Lama have in common? They are part of an extraordinary journey undertaken by four contemporary teens to confront the personal obstacles to happiness. In the quest for a happier and more meaningful life, Project Happiness offers life-changing insights for all ages and cultures. 61 minutes.

– 4:45 pm. See Trailer and other information below schedule on site.
Can music and dance be weapons of peace? Spanning a scope of five continents, Cultures of Resistance is a colorful cross-cultural look at the growing number of people worldwide who commit their lives to promoting change. The film celebrates them as they stand up to exploitation and violence with artistic expression and creative activism. A visual treat! 73 minutes.

A LITTLE REVOLUTION – 6:45 pm. See Trailer and other information below schedule on site.
The suicide rate among Panjabi farmers in India is extremely high, especially in a culture that so honors life. Harpreet Kaur’s film documents the agents, agencies and attitudes behind this appalling truth. 60 minutes.

ONE MINUTE – 8:00 pm. See One Minute Information here - runtime: 1 minute
Take ONE MINUTE to see the shortest film about our longest war. Q&A after with Director Dutch Merrick. 2 minutes.

SOLEIL – 8:30 pm - See info on website.
Patrick Shannahan’s 10th film about a young man living in the Land of Conformists, where everyone wears a white mask to hide their true selves, reaches beyond and behind the mask to reveal the true existence of himself and all the other Conformists. In French with English subtitles. Q&A after with Director Patrick Shannahan. 18 minutes.

– 9:15 pm. See information below schedule on site.
The dramatic short film is both poignant and disturbing. The film touches the psychological horror of a correctional system gone mad that compromises human values and ethics while maintaining a façade of political correctness. Filmed entirely in Santa Fe with local cast and crew. Original score by Rene Reyes. Q&A after with Director Bradd Hopkins and Producer Valerie Moore. 18 minutes.