Trailer "Game Over" (written, produced & directed by Leonie Viola Thoene)

Its about a game. A game of manipulation and love, power and show business. Its Magnolia meets High School Musical. Fight Club meets Black Swan. A story of a secret seduction community called pickup artists, a web of crucial plans, use and betrayal behind the curtain of the dazzling and colorful world of music, dance and theater. Its about a guy who is hiding a secret and invented the rules when playing with peoples minds. And the story of an innocent and gifted girl searching for the truth and finding her voice. A musical trip that will make you wonder whats real, who's faking and who's crazy.


Derrick Redford (Julien Michaels)
Leonie Viola Thoene (Gloria Johnson)
Christopher Cass (Adam Johnson)
Preston Mui (Gordon)
Sarah Kozlowski (Ms. Hurt)
Marina Dishka (Brianna)
Kim Romano (Amanda)
Patrick Ferroni (Josh)
Ondina Frate (Betsy)
John Combs (Philipp)
Natasha Marcuse (Violet Johnson)
Jaime Venum Burgos (Bboy)
Jonathan Legacy Perez (Bboy)
Oren Flearock Michaeli (Bboy)
Dave Birr (Dancer)
Angela Gacad (Dancer)
Morgan Nagatani (Dancer)
Tomas Protivinski (Dancer)
Paulina Pulido (Dancer)
Arielle Fernandez (Alice)

Director of Photography - Tobias Deml
Video Editor - David Schenk
Music Editor - Alex Niedt