Acclaim for "FIGHT OR FLIGHT"

This was taken from an online review, on TriggerStreet Labs, from Tombola Pictures.

Adrenaline Pumping!

"I really like the political and social message at the end of this film and talking shop from a filmmaking perspective, Fight or Flight was in itself a really useful masterclass in "how to" in terms of low budget/guerilla filmmaking. Great innovative use of shots, colour grading that adds suspense to the piece itself, good soundtrack and use of wild-tracking in the woods. Also, employing cleverly the use of open spaces, which I know personally saves on budget, and not getting too involved in twisted and convoluted story lines which could overcomplicate things, which can cause problems logistically/financially when filming low budget filmmaking. Aside from the fighting looking a little staged at times, this was a great short, keep up the good work! :-)"