Hi, everyone. My name is Stephen Bryce, and I'm the director and main writer for "Fight or Flight". Now that we've gotten the technical side of making the movie, out of the way, I'll take a few minutes to talk about what the SURGE community is probably more interested in: the social and political reasons for making it.

While we definitely didn't want to beat people over the head with it, it is indisputable that there are political currents to "Fight or Flight". Yes, it is basically a seven minute chase scene, but it all comes about because a peaceful protester -- not even a protester, an activist posting signs! -- has attracted the attention of someone who really doesn't like what he's saying. What does this critic do? Hunts him down and kills him.

It's all too common to hear about exactly this kind of thing happening in the Middle East and Third World, but here in North America we don't like to admit that it's happening on our streets too. Yet everyone reading this knows, for instance, about how the Republican Party (with Fox News and its Tea Party nutjobs), view anyone who even suggests helping their fellow Americans get affordable health care:

Most Canadians are aware of what now happens, under our right-wing government, when we peacefully protest near something like the G20 summit -- or even just sing our national anthem:

The police brutality inflicted on the Occupy protesters, because they've stood up for regular Americans, goes without saying. But we should also remember the words of Fox News pundits, particularly when they use metaphors bound to infuriate viewers who think that crosses should be burned into the skins of unbelievers:

Even in supposedly peaceful and progressive Canada, a right-wing Prime Minister who cheated his way into office at least once, with a long track record for harassing and silencing anyone who questions it, managed to get re-elected to a majority. Anyone who criticizes him further, is met with public threats. I should know: I've received threatening phone calls at my house, for writing letters to the editor pointing out that Stephen Harper is corrupt.

In fact, the protagonist of "Fight or Flight", Mike Bridger, is named for Canadian Senate page Bridgette DePape. Ms. DePape made headlines -- and attracted death threats -- for protesting Harper, in front of the entire Senate and the media.

Suffice it to say, that within our homemade suspense movie, is an extremely important message: standing up for your country MUST NOT be turned into a crime. It especially must not become a crime, punishable by death.