Karen Morrison-Hume is inspired by the struggles and courage of others

INTERCONNECTED: Karen Morrison-Hume, a champion for social justice issues, works tirelessly for Anglican Action and says people need to focus less on the individual.

Having worked with society's most at-risk for the past 16 years, the missioner who breezes into Anglican Action's reception area is not the wearied woman you might expect.

Karen Morrison-Hume is immaculate, articulate and engaging, and seemingly as motivated as ever towards helping those who, for whatever reason, have found themselves at the bottom of life's pecking order.

When Mrs Morrison-Hume says on the glass half full or empty scale, hers is "always overflowing", it is easy to believe her.

Her endless enthusiasm for helping others may stem from the fact she does not perceive it as helping at all, instead looking at such interactions as symbiotic.

"The more we go out into these places where life is toughest, the more we'll receive."

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