Javier Sicilia leads peace protest on Wall Street

SECILIA AT 26 WALL STREET FEDERAL HALL 300x199 Mexican poet Javier Sicilia leads peace activists on march on Wall Street

NEW YORK — The most dramatic actions to date took place in downtown Manhattan yesterday in the month-long Caravan for Peace with Justice and Dignity headed by writer Javier Sicilia. The group is on a 27-city journey through the United States, coming from Mexico, to call attention to U.S. responsibilities for the War on Drugs. It is reported that over 200 organizations around the country now support the Caravan for Peace.

Yet, though Sicilia’s intentions are drawing widespread praise, his presence makes some city officials uncomfortable. At a mid-morning press conference, Scilia reported that Mayor Michael Bloomberg was not rejecting an interview with him, just not having it now. It was not yes, not no, as Sicilia said to the dozens of reporters and cameras.

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