UCM dishes up food and activism


Every Monday at United Campus Ministries in Athens, a new free-meal program is trying to serve both the stomach and the mind. Called Feed the Peaceful, the program kicked off with an educational anti-oppression workshop last week and also features informational presentations that will take place during the meal.

The new Monday program was created by Brandon LaBonte, an Athens resident who often took part in UCM's other free meal programs, dinner on Thursdays and lunch on Saturdays. LaBonte formed Feed the Peaceful after attending an anti-oppression workshop over the summer that piqued his interest in the subject.

"I was able to look at myself with a different opinion on my ethical standards for the way that I behave, and also to look at the world around me and the people around me in a way that is more understanding and compassionate," he explained.

The anti-oppression workshop that will precede Feed the Peaceful will have the same basic structure each week, LaBonte explained. "The idea is that it's for people to do once and then tell their friends and experience the changes that it has on a person's outlook," he said.

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